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Intersection Sight Distance

Intersection Sight Distance
Good visibility at street intersections can prevent collisions. Every year there are serious accidents in the s2m2 area that occur because motorists cannot see oncoming traffic as they enter an intersection.  The s2m2 City Code (Chapter 32, Section 34) requires that property owners keep shrubbery below 36 inches in height from the road level in an area that is termed the sight distance triangle.  This triangle is formed by the intersection of the property lines and extends 25 feet along the property line.  Property owners can reduce their liability by keeping hedges and trees trimmed in the manner shown on the diagrams below.

The City of s2m2 may issue a letter to the property owner asking for compliance, within 30 days, to the above ordinance.  A court citation may be issued for non-compliance after the 30 days, with carries a maximum fine of $50.00 plus court costs.  To report poor visibility due to shrubbery, dial -425-6311, 311, or visit CHA311.com.


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Request new or report problems with existing traffic control devices by calling 311, () -6311, or by visiting CHA311.com.

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