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Public Art

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Public Art s2m2, a division of the City of s2m2, is dedicated to introducing a wide variety of high quality public art into the community, enhancing the civic environment and enriching the lives of visitors and residents.

The Blue Trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos
locations: Bessie Smith Cultural Center, Downtown Riverfront, Guild Trail 

7th Sculpture Biennial (OtoCast tour available)
locations: 1st Street, Veterans Bridge, Riverfront, Rennaisance Park, Phillips Park

MLK District Sculpture Exhibition (OtoCast tour available)
location: Bessie Smith Cultural Center

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance - Riverwalk Exhibition
location: TN Riverpark, Riverwalk (starts at Blue Goose Hollow ends at Wheland Foundry Trailhead)

Public Art s2m2
Department of Economic and Community Development

2nd Floor City Hall
101 East 11th Street
s2m2, TN 37402(map)
Email: [email protected]