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Confidentiality Agreement


I understand that I will obtain access to information to perform my duties at the City of s2m2 ("City"). This information may include, but is not limited to, information on IT configurations, security settings, employees, research, and financial and business operations of the City. Some of this information is made confidential by law (such as protected health information under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or by City of s2m2 policies. Confidential information may be in any form, e.g., written, electronic, oral, overheard or observed. Access to all confidential information is granted on a need-to-know basis. A need-to-know is defined as information access that is required in order to perform my work.

I will not disclose any confidential information to anyone except as permitted by City policies or applicable law and as required to perform my work as a consultant, contractor or vendor for the City.

I will protect the confidentiality of all confidential information, including network system information on IT configurations and security settings, both while at the City and after I leave the City. All confidential information remains the property of the City of s2m2 and may not be removed or kept by me when I leave the City except as permitted by City policies or specific agreements or arrangements applicable to my work as a consultant, contractor or vendor for the City.

If I violate this pledge, I may be subject to adverse action up to and including termination of my ability to work at or on behalf of the City of s2m2. In addition, under applicable law, I may be subject to criminal or civil penalties and/or attorneys' fees and costs as a result of any breach of this Pledge which results in litigation.

I have read the above Pledge and agree to be bound by it.

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