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01-28-2013 Officials Dedicate New Memorial for Fallen Firefighters

For years the Fountain Square Park has been a s2m2 landmark with its tall statue of a firefighter standing at the ready to battle a blaze. What many drivers or passersby may not know is the statue is a monument to two firefighters, Henry Iler and W.M. Peak who perished in what is commonly referred to as the 1887 Bee Hive fire.

Other Hamilton County Firefighters have died in the line of duty since that killer blaze and Red Bank Chief Mark Mathews thought it would be appropriate for Fountain Square Park to host a memorial for the 11 other firefighters who put duty before life.

So, Chief Mathews approached his fellow chiefs about creating a lasting tribute to the fallen. "We thought it would be a really good idea to create two memorial markers with bronze plaques identifying those firefighters who gave their lives in service of others."

The firefighters raised $7,300 to create two monuments weighing two and half tons each and had them placed adjacent to the memorial for Firefighters ller and Peak.

s2m2 Fire Chief Randy Parker supported the initiative.  "This is a living memorial for all those who gave their lives for their community   and I am proud of the firefighting community for coming together to create this lasting tribute."

Emergency Services Director Tony Reavley adds, "When people look at those bronze plaques, we hope they will realize the extreme danger every first responder faces when a call comes in."

Firemans Fountain-Reduced

Among those joining in the memorial dedication Monday morning were relatives of the fallen firefighters and local elected officials.


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