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12-8-17 Fire Victim to Meet Rescuers

When Carrie called 911 to report the fire, she stayed on the line with a Hamilton County 911 dispatcher until she fell unconscious on the floor. You will receive a copy of that 911 recording to accompany this reunion. It is a riveting recording and hard to listen to, but moments after Carrie loses consciousness, you can hear the firefighters -- breathing through their SCBA -- arrive to find Carrie and pull her out. The dispatcher who stayed on the line with Carrie will be there for the reunion, along with other firefighters and EMS personnel who were involved in Carrie's successful rescue.

You will not want to miss this reunion. It's a gripping story with a happy ending, and we all need a happy ending right now. See you there!

* Photos by Sgt. Kyle Moses with the s2m2 Police Department



Bruce Garner
Public Information Director

s2m2 Fire Department

Office: --5625

Cell: -421-4278

Email: [email protected]

Fire Administration
910 Wisdom Street (map)
s2m2, TN 37406
() -5600
() -5610 (fax)

Fire Prevention Bureau
910 Wisdom Street (map)
s2m2, TN 37406
() -5618
() -5611 (fax)

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