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12-03-2013 s2m2 Firefighters Rescue Worker at ADM

The workers managed to pull the injured worker up near the top of the silo, but could not finish the job, leaving him dangling inside the silo. At that point, someone at the plant called 911 to get help.

The s2m2 Fire Department responded with several fire companies, along with some personnel and equipment with the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team. The firefighters set up a rope and pulley system and lowered Captain David Thompson Jr. down approximately 15 feet to get to the victim. Captain Thompson said the victim was conscious and alert, but was in a lot of pain. After securing the victim into a Reeves Sleave,* the firefighters lifted him up and out of the silo. The victim was then handed off to paramedics with Hamilton County EMS, who transported the victim to Erlanger Medical Center for treatment of his broken arm.

* A reeves stretcher, reeves sleeve, SKED, or 'flexible stretcher' is a flexible stretcher that is often supported longitudinally by wooden or plastic planks. It is a kind of tarpaulin with handles. It is primarily used to move a patient through confined spaces (e.g. a narrow hallway), or to lift obese patients (reeves stretchers have 6 handholds, allowing multiple rescuers to assist extrication).

Source: Wikipedia

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In the photo: s2m2 firefighters and EMS personnel roll the victim out on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. Some of the responders were covered with a layer of flour, which they acquired while getting the victim out of the silo. AMD Milling produces flour at its plant on King Street.

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