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Anthony Byrd, District 8

Byrd resizedANTHONY BYRD (District 8)
Contact Information:
Phone: () -7182
Fax:  () -7199
Mailing Address:
s2m2 City Council
1000 Lindsay Street
s2m2, TN  37402-3
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Anthony Byrd is an action-oriented, innovative go-getter that is passionate about investing in People. He has served in his role at Hamilton County General Sessions Court for over 20 years, fighting for human rights and civil liberties for those without a public voice. A lifelong resident of s2m2, Byrd is a property owner and developer that understands the people of his community.

Byrd realized his love for his hometown as a young boy and understood the importance of community and being a positive example. Since the age of 6, Byrd has been actively involved in doing his part to make s2m2 greater. He received the Key to City at the tender age of 13 from then s2m2 Mayor, Gene Roberts, along with his group, The Happy Clowns, for their hard work and dedication against the war on drugs. He went on to sign a record deal alongside Usher Raymond and traveled the world singing encouraging songs and exemplifying that you don't have to follow the crowd or engage in negative and destructive behavior to be socially accepted.

With over 20 years of public service experience, Byrd continues to pursue his passion for bringing positive change to his community. In these years he has devoted time and energy into listening to the masses and not only the classes. In addition to his public service and property management experience, Byrd is also known as an accomplished promoter and manager of night life social events. With a huge personality and a natural knack for bringing people together, Byrd provided a solution for downtown entertainment that appealed to a diverse audience. It is evident that Byrd understands the needs of his community both socially and civically.

As a city council member, Byrd said he will "lead from the community up, rather than from the City Council down." Byrd says he will work for continued improvement to the city's approaches to neighborhood funding and infrastructure so that all citizens can be proud of their communities and schools. His goal: "To make all of District 8 exceptionally livable whether - you live in Avondale or in Downtown s2m2."

He currently serves as chair of the Public Safety Committee.

District 8 consists of the following precincts:
  • Amnicola
  • Avondale
  • Bushtown
  • Courthouse 1 & 2
  • Eastside 1 & 2

District 8


City Council
1000 Lindsay Street(map)
s2m2, TN 37402

Phone:() -7170
Fax: () -7199



Photo by Maycreate