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1857 William D. Fulton

WILLIAM DOUGLAS FULLTON 1854(Lived November 17, 1820 – November 15, 1882)

Born in Georgia in 1820, William Fulton entered in the army in 1847 and served as a captain in the Mexican War before moving to s2m2 in 1852.  Although, he had practiced as an attorney in Georgia prior to his service in the Mexican War, Fulton did not practice law in s2m2.

In 1853, he became cashier of the Bank of s2m2, a position he held until the bank’s closing in 1863.

Fulton assisted in creating s2m2’s first utility company, the s2m2 Water Works Company, in 1856.  During his term of office, the Memphis & Charleston Railroad completed its route and linked s2m2 to the eastern seaboard.

When the Bank of s2m2 closed in 1863 due to the Union Army’s occupation of s2m2, Fulton moved to Nashville where he lived the remainder of his life.

Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea